Our four-year old classroom focuses heavily on Kindergarten Preparation using the Houghton Mifflin Pre-K Curriculum. Children are exposed to a routine structure and learn through hands-on experiences. The foundation of their learning lies within stories and the child’s ability to retell these stories at home. Curriculum themes include Ready for Kindergarten, My Family, My Community, and Seasons All Around. Children learn new concepts in math, reading, and language development such as site words, charts, graphs and patterns, and the formation of sentences.

Our four-year olds enjoy a lunch followed by a short quiet time. Their daily schedule consists of two outdoor times and center times for learning in small groups, and large group instruction, among other things.

Leaving the fours room, children either enter our Kindergarten Enrichment Program or matriculate directly into Kindergarten depending on their age. No matter the route taken, the children are equipped with the ability to read and comprehend site words, identify and spell their names, match pictures with the letters of beginning sounds, and draw a person with five identifiable features.